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Heyy, I'm Shannon, I'm 14 and I'm from England!
I'm a girl who is fucked up and I know it, I'm that kind of girl that you could break down in seconds... Yet that's just me!
And this blog is just me. So follow me and message me if you like what you see.

mirandajai said: Your blog is so awesome and your so pretty!

Awww thank you !!! Means a lot ! Xx


I’m in love….

I’ve made a lot of mistakes… But my worst mistake was to let you go… :’(

all-we-do-is-circles said: hey there! just found your blog and I think we have many things in common ;) be my friend *gives virtual highfive*

-virtual high five- aww ur awesome!! We should b tumblr buddiesss ;)